Werewolves Out in the World, Part XX

Twenty, man, wow. Thought this was a werewolf novel, but I think the book itself is a zombie: it keeps on going. Well, guess zombies don’t have the complete market on that:


But that really belongs on the It Came from Del Rio page.

This page? It’s all werewolves all the time:

And let’s start with a droog from the wayback—Dan’s from The Velvet days, if any of y’all remember them:


Whereas Betsy, she’s from this year’s Clarion West (and Indra’s from ’12):


Also, I think #SundayMorning should really be a Kris and Johnny thing (“#KrisCash”?). And also a werewolf thing:



How you know Jesse’s both a good writer AND a true fan of BOC? It’s the umlaut. That takes some wizardry I can’t even guess at. Also? You should all be reading Jesse. 



Had to page back, as I remember this image, couldn’t figure why it was showing up again, but: same image, different words. Thank you, Betty. And aloha back:


Also thank you Mauveandrosysky.

And, man, really? How can anyone follow Laird Barron and hope to come off even halfway decent?

I do dig the Warhol’d up image, though.

If y’all don’t know this song/video, you definitely should. Some quality stuff. And, if I recall correctly, possibly NSFW? Then again, I don’t know where you work:


Such a cool list for the yellow book to have made. Also? There was actually a werewolf novel on here I HADN’T read (but now own—thank you, BookRiot).


David Pomerico, speaking the truth. Dude’s an oracle, a font of wisdom and good advice. We should all follow his teachings:


Thank you, Grace—also, I wish the necklace I had for this wasn’t in a baggie for the last few months, awaiting repair. Really? That’s where all of my necklaces are. I love necklaces, but I completely suck at not breaking them:


Just for the record, this pic’s a bit staged. I actually don’t sit around casually perusing magazines I’m on the cover of, then happen to look up into a surprise camera. But I do keep human organ donor bags in immediate reach. And it looks like I had a Demon Theory out mongst the Mongrels for who knows what reason that day:

[ that’s Susan Bernardin interviewing me — or, about to ]

And, hey: didn’t somebody back in the first or second of these digests also go all growly on Mongrels? I think so. Very cool. Thank you, Justine:



I should buy a strawberry wine cooler, peel the label, and carry it around in my reading copy of Mongrels, yes?



You can’t see all the people down in the well (this is Jaipur Literary Festival), close to us. Also? We’re not really twenty-four feet tall. I had no idea we were on jumbotron. I’d have been less concerned about this crazy red thread wrapped twice around my boot and somehow on my pantsleg and just generally being very distracting:

Author: SGJ