Wolfen at the Alamo

Was so cool A) to get to intro it, and B) to get to SEE it on the big screen. I mean, was cool just even seeing it on the wall (I’m like Cher in Colorado, yes: just one name):


[ That snap’s by Christopher Rosales ]

And, yeah, that poster: I guess I see what people are talking about—that Attack the Block owes more than a little to Wolfen.

As for why this was also cool: the werewolves in Mongrels, they’re modeled on the wolfen. The Wolfen may have been the first horror novel I read. It kind of imprinted on me. My copy of it’s so falling apart, too:


Also, always cool to go to a movie place and see not just a book on the wall, but this book on the wall:


Too, last night I was talking about Tom Waits was in the theatrical cut of The Wolfen. It’s true (at about 40seconds):

Thanks to Steve Bessette for the opportunity to intro this cool film, to Caleb (named for Near Dark!) for selling books, and to the werewolf people who came out on this rainy Colorado weeknight. If any pics of the intro show up, I’ll slip them into this post . . . and, pics just showed up. Here’s proof that last night really happened, and that I had those two books with me:


[ This one: Steve Bessette ]

Author: SGJ