Werewolves Out in the World, Part XXI

Y’know? That last one of these, number twenty, I kind of ended it in a “so long farewell been fun see ya later”-way. But I was all mopey-goodbye way too early, turns out. I may keep doing these until the paperback hits in January, I mean. October’s for werewolves after all.

Anyway/first, here’s the wolves that came before, which I rhymetastically call:


File under: two books that don’t go great together. Werewolves need meat.


Always wanted to be part of a double-feature—specifically, I always wanted to be a in DoubeMint television ad. But this’ll do:



And, these are the type-discussion I’m particularly in favor of:



And, guess what? I typed “Mongrels” into the search on Twitter, and found new reviews, new pics, all kinds of fun:

img_2447 img_2449 img_2450 img_2451 img_2452 img_2453 fullsizerender img_2448


And, can’t forget facebook:




And Litsy folk are always digging the yellow book:






That’s the second or third French fry pic, yes? I do love me some fries. Maybe more than’s exactly healthy . . .

And, I assured Jill that Mongrels isn’t scary, don’t worry:


And, ah: a meme-thing that only tracks with inside-the-NBA kind of knowledge. Too cool. Thanks, Lindsay:



Werewolf Wednesday: my favorite day of the week.



And, here‘s one I missed—it’s an eight-minute video on the history of Tattered Cover. Filmed, I guess, in May or June? Mongrels stuff is on C-SPAN, anyway, albeit blurry in my screencaps:

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-10-05-42-am screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-10-06-07-am

And, finally, for the last pic of this twenty-first installment: I was cleaning up my camera roll on my phone and found this, from so many months ago, when both this blue truck was new (well, new to me—it’s a 1972) and this ARC was on day one of riding around with me. Here we’re at the post office, and I keep trying to go inside to mail something, but the truck I love is right here, and the book I always wanted to write is right here as well, and I’m having so much trouble walking away:


Author: SGJ