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[ these are all links. and I don’t think this is quite complete. I’m always forgetting to stash covers here, then I can’t remember which ones are here, which one’s aren’t. so, if you see one missing, let me know? and, in some browsers, you just scroll to the right, and then scroll some more . . . ]

   sovereign traces         cover_cyber-world 1440433188 Black Feathers_CVR-01 tumblr_inline_o3twm3nGnI1s0669x_1280   MonstrousCover_Feb19_web no retail link yet bestiary 11076257_366832036844193_1335225373693083164_n 11034897_10206084580931930_8291923463682109250_n best horror 7 TheDollCollection-400 deaths_realm_anthology_cover_front Starry Wisdom Cutting Room chizmar18 leech GALAGA-cover-nospine-shadow-wide_1024x1024 The-New-Black zombies fearful nc sa ZVR_No-Mans-Land-sm ybdff2013 wonderbk best-gay-stories-13 aa HalloweenMagicMysMacabre-500 aesop_cover fc zombies-shambling-500 other_bad_seeds_tpb_s bloodtype ghosts1-682x1024         bnbc  dz             behind xconnect 

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is the author of 22 or 23 books, 250+ stories, and all this stuff here. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, and has a few broken-down old trucks, one PhD, and way too many boots