So, these judges, they were all huddled together over pizza and beer, and they got to daring each other this and that (I hear there’s pics), and it finally came down to seeing if they could slip a clown into the novelette category, strictly for fun, because who could win again Stephen King and Laird Barron, right?

Anyway, will be my second time to be a finalist here, which is honor enough, really. See all the finalists here (including — twiceBrian Evenson).


Should you need to run me down:

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8:00pm Friday night, that triple feature. The poster’s down below here, or bigger in my “etc” photo album. I’m introducing, in this order, DEAD AND BURIED, THE KEEP, and THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS (also: lots of cool trailers). am more than likely going to get some zombie facepaint, too. just because when it’s around, that’s kind of what I do. often even when it’s not aro…

In case anybody needs me next/AWP week, these are the places I definitely plan on being, though of course I’ll be trolling the bookfair for swag as well, and haunting lobbies, and skulking around busstops, and generally making a nuisance of myself in various restaurants. And, no, I don’t know where any of these places are yet. But I’m sure they’re real, or at least real-ish, which is good enough for me.


Byronic Vampires and Melancholy Green M…

Anybody catch that “Little Lambs” story of mine IRON HORSE ran a few months ago? One of my favorites ever. Looks like it’s coming out again in November, in Ann and Jeff Vandermeer’s THE WEIRD:A COMPENDIUM OF STRANGE AND DARK FICTIONS. Couldn’t be happier about that.…

setting: Austin, Texas

– a father
– his daughter
– various chupacabras
– various border patrol agents
– some people to kill righteously

publisher: Trapdoor Book2.

synopsis: the story of the reconciliation between a daughter and her long-gone father, as complicated by the fact that he’s a bunny-headed zombie

place in The Bunnyhead Chronicles: first

date: to be announced

state of the writer: happiness

comment: on my Fa

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