Not the order to watch them in—chronological makes sense, there’s no skip ‘n pick Heather trilogy here—but from best on down, for me:

Scream 3 Poster Design Concepts

Which I guess would be “Kevin Williamson order,” kind of? He is the one with the magic pen for this franchise. Anyway, when Scre4m came out, I wasn’t so hot on it, as I recall. Few rewatches later and I’m a believer. And I don’t mean to talk bad about 3, of course; Ehren Kr…

Which is going to be a movie/TV-heavy list, for the first time ever. Not because my tastes or habits changed—fiction on the page is still and always where it’s at for me—but because, since I’m now judging for the World Fantasy Awards for 2018, it would feel a bit . . . weird and unclassy, I guess, to be saying what my favorite books of the year are.

However, I can slap a couple of novels up here that in no way could get submitted for a World Fantasy Award. So:



I mean, pretty much there’s two kinds of slashers, yes? Not talking “Excellent” and “Trying to Cash In” here, but “Straightforward” and . . . “Playing with the Genre,” I guess you could say? Which, of course Scream didn’t start, as in, it wasn’t first-first—the Golden Age was more self-aware than we give it credit for—but it was the first to go wide with it, really. To kind of seed it into everything tha…

Just re-re-watched this one, and, wow, holy everything, Batman, this is STILL my favorite horror movie of the year. By miles. Really? It’s the best slasher I can think of since . . . Happy Death Day, yeah. Which was far and away the best since . . . You’re Next, maybe? And before that it’d be The Cabin in the Woods

What it gets so, so right:

  • actually IMPORTANT people die
  • the final girl isn’t bookish and morally bulletproof. she’s just

This is as solid a piece of film writing that I’ve seen for a while. Solid stuff. And, I imagine it’s on point? That its analysis and sort-of conclusions are spot-on-ish? I haven’t seen the film, I mean. Don’t think I’ve seen any Lars Von Trier, actually. People always tell me Anthichrist can kind of reprogram you, show you stuff you can’t shake for forever, but . . . guess that’s not completely an enticement for me, finally. I kind o…

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