Good time this weekend in snowy Santa Fe. That’s me in the slash hat.

What you can’t see? There’s slashers all on the hatband:

Guess Ghostface is kind of criminally tilted (sorry, Billy and Stu), and the jewel of them all is the werewolf, but slashers on a Slash hat is the real joke. Werewolves? Werewolves are never the joke.

Anyway, we talked Alice and “Alis” (my story. we all talked about our own stories, to start things off) and I think I misreme…

Feel like I’m posting this too early, as I might get blown away by some movie X over the next five days. But I’ve got ten minutes right now, can get these down and in order, I think—with the caveat that I’ve yet to see Hounds of Love or Raw or Prevenge or Super Dark Times or Boys in the Trees, all of which I’m fairly certain would place in this list. Thing is? I would have had time and mind to cue all those up, except this past couple of months I’ve been bur…

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