This is as solid a piece of film writing that I’ve seen for a while. Solid stuff. And, I imagine it’s on point? That its analysis and sort-of conclusions are spot-on-ish? I haven’t seen the film, I mean. Don’t think I’ve seen any Lars Von Trier, actually. People always tell me Anthichrist can kind of reprogram you, show you stuff you can’t shake for forever, but . . . guess that’s not completely an enticement for me, finally. I kind o…

By category, sub-genre, branch, type—whatever’s under “Horror” and’s on the movie shelf, and not getting too granular. But, “15,” right? I know. I tried to keep it to a properly spooky “13,” but things happen. Though, if you take #11 and #15 out (which would shatter me), as they’re not really ‘categories’—”Scariest,” “Perfect”—then this does slide in more like “…

Okay, this is probably A) expensive, B) delicate (maybe?), and C) something that requires long-ish nails-as-canvas in the first place, but still, this is glorious enough and glamorous enough and wonderful cool amazing enough that that might all be worth it:

maybe there’s press-on versions I can use instead?

October was packed full of good times. I don’t think this is all of them, but it’s all of them I can dig up goods for—or, that I can remember to dig up pics and links for.

Started out giving a zombie lecture to an auditorium of people at CU:

zombie shots: Teresa Nugent

Then I was at the Lighthouse in Denver for Atlas Obscura’s way-cool, properly spooked-up event:

pic: Josh Schlossberg

Then it was GoH’ing at MileHiCon, where I got to give a little mini-talk o…

If you like a good gory time with some ridiculous storytelling and nothing but laughs, you can’t do better than Gravy:

If you like that, then Murder Party‘s a sure bet:

And it goes without saying that Trick ‘r Treat is called for this time of year:

And, for something less silly that comes in one-two punch form (there’s a third, too, if the first two leave you all leaning forward, and you have to fall into something), Cold Prey and Cold Prey II are som…

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