Isn’t that mask just so expressive? It’s supposed to make Michael Myers faceless, but really it kind of gives him a soul. A dark, evil, tortured soul. Anyway, I think it’s going to be a touch before I get to actually talking about this latest version, BUT:

  • if you haven’t seen it yet
  • AND you don’t like spoilers
  • AND you can’t help but finish every post you start reading, then:
    • maybe don’t start this one yet?

Which is to say, spoilers wil…

Surely, if the world’s at all a fair and just place. Which? Mandy‘s already somehow not playing close enough for me to get to, so who knows. But, here’s three that I’m pretty much holding my breath for right now:

(looks to maybe have a reveal along the line of Last Girl Standing, which would be fun. anyway, last good gas station horror for me would be . . . Splinter, I guess)
( I know Heathers gets used too often as a comp title, but still: maybe fits, this time

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