Two things

  1. Another BLEED INTO ME review. Montana Magazine. Here.
  2. This, from up front in Amy Taubin’s BFI book on TAXI DRIVER:

Really, it is not violence at all which is the ‘point’ of the western movie, but a certain image of man, a style, which expresses itself most clearly in violence. Watch a child with his toy guns and you will see: what most interests him is not (as we so much fear) the fantasy of hurting others, but to work out how a man might look when he shoots or is shot. A hero is one who looks like a hero.

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Not talking that Gershon/Tilly movie from a while back, though nothing against it either. Instead, DEMON THEORY. If you listen close, and if you happen to live right next door to MacAdam/Cage’s printer, then you can maybe hear it getting bound. Anyway, that’s the word I get, which I’m guessing I can announce: DEMON THEORY‘s got itself to a bindery. Meaning, yeah, I was lying in that last post, with my within-the-week forecast, but, too, I mean, the original pub date was 4.13, yeah? so, when it’s real and official next week, all that’ll mean is that it’s a month late. Which, of course, suggests nothing if not that it’s pregnant with something. What? I don’t know. There is a birth in the book, though, so, if there’s one around it now too, then, man, all these levels of encasement, of lining your mirrors up so they reflect down into a tunnel you’re kind of half afraid to duck into–it should be some kind of ride. like Captain Spaulding’s, maybe, up-front in House of 1000 Corpses.

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  • just/finally found and watched that SCREAM & SCREAM AGAIN slasher documentary. excellent stuff. wish I’d had it for DEMON THEORY. would have saved a lot of legwork
  • just finding out about THE REMAKE, somehow. here. looks excellent. and, I’m sure it’s on IMDb somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.
  • talking YouTube, too (where that last link shoots you), I snagged a lot of clips/vids, pasted them up here (MySpace, yeah–they just seem to keep letting me push more and more stuff onto their servers, with no cap in sight. so of course, yeah, I’m going to abuse my privileges, here. it’s what I do). just the stuff that makes me extrasuper happy. you may have to sign in to see them or something, though, not sure.
  • and, DEMON THEORY: I’m pretty sure we’re like T minus 6-7 days, here. but, I know, I’ve said that before, probably.
  • too, I think TAMARA hits DVD shelves here on the 9th, or so. Maybe right about when DEMON THEORY will (all part of the plan…)
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    what’s a friend list without an enemy list, I say. but, anyway, people kept asking why I was such a loser as to not be on myspace, and I kept answering that, hey, I’m not in the sixth grade, but, anyway, went in there finally, looked around, and liked it enough to stay. Click the image to go the profile, I guess. Dont think I have any friends yet, though. Not even sure how to lure them over.

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    Jack Bauer for President (&etc)

    and Dana Scully for surgeon general, yeah. really though, just here to post a cleaner version of that Demon Theory banner:

    [ it may take a bit to load, as it looks like those prior two banners are still down at the bottom of this page, trying to load as well. well, still down there as long as this is the top post, I think ]

    really, though, what all this banner-stuff has put me in mind of is revision. or, I should say, “Revision.” that which I never teach but always say is a pretty good idea, yeah. that which I tend to do incessantly–or, that which I do now: used to, I thought revision was tantamount to fear of never producing anything new. Thus, you mull over the same crappy 3000 words for three years. but, yeah, I got better. Anyway, if I can steal the time, I’ll see if I can cobble something together about the whole thing.

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    Daily Toreador

    Just got a note that there’s an article on me in the (Texas Tech) student paper. click on the image below for it. looks like you have to register, maybe, for the second page, though too there’s an e-mail the article option, which may just shoot it straight to you. yet to catch the print-version, myself. there could be pics there, with me dressed like a professor–ie, wearing my brother’s band’s t-shirt (Hector Faceplant).

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    Words That Stick

    Maybe it’s this way for everybody, I don’t know. Sometimes I’ll stumble across something in a book, anyway, and it’ll just burrow right to the core of me and never leaves. I say sometimes, but, I suppose, I’m only about to list three. And, it’s not that they’re said all that perfect or anything, it’s more like they’re just obviously true. Trick was, I’d just never thought about them:

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    Cult Wkshop / DMON Update / Bleed rvw

    click over on the image for the full scoop on the workshop I’m running over at the Cult May 21st – June 21st. thanks to Minuet over at the Cult for it too (the image), which I probably don’t even have permission to be posting here.

    too, I tried to corral some of my less-confused thoughts on genre and writing into a little piece, here.

    and, I know today’s supposed to be the “T-minus 7 days and counting” trick for DEMON THEORY, according to Amazon. My guess is Barnes & Noble might be a bit closer this time, though: April 28th. Got my fingers all crossed for that anyway.

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