AWP reading

Guess I did two readings at AWP this past weekend. Well, two readings and one panel. Of the two readings, anyway, this is the one that happened to get recorded [ the other reading was at the FC2 party; I read “Faberge,” that piece that’s out in Third Coast right now ]. anyway, I forget what-all I read for this reading. lots of short, one-paragraph type stuff.

And, many thanks to thirstygerbil for manning the camera. ( he was also kind enough to snag that panel, the one with Craig Clevenger and Joe Lansdale and Mark Finn; once I get the okay from all them to post the thing, I’ll throw it up here somewhere )

As for the quality/size/etc: I think this is about a 50MB file, looks like. it’s a .wmv too, though, so it should stream (nevermind that it’s just stuffed in a directory, not actually getting pushed out of a real media server).

Anyway, enjoy if it’s enjoyable. And, any just wholly egregious problems with the thing, that look remotely fixable, let me know, I’ll make up a good excuse.

And, to see the thing, just click on the image above, of course. For the podcast/mp3 of it, though:

Author: SGJ