Demon Theory update / thanks

I touched Demon Theory for the final time last Monday, at about six minutes shy of seven in the morning. It’s maybe at the printer’s now. Still an April 13th release, as far as I know. But yeah, people keep asking for galleys, ARCs. The story of that: all the formatting explosions Demon Theory started (typical software and 2006 processor speeds can’t contain the thing it is) kept pushing ARCs back more and more, until it was pretty much too late to mess with them. So, review/advance copies are going to be the real and true hardback, final versions, just with the UPC blacked-out or something. Which works for me.

But, the thanks part: to Rob Bass, for burning up many hours of sleep in those last frantic handful of days and nights when the timeline for Demon Theory got advanced. If not for him, it’d not be whatever it is. I mean, this was all post copy-editing and proofreading stuff, but, as it turned out, vital. Had no idea there was still some ridiculous oversights/assumptions/mistakes/etc in DT. Rob caught them, though, I trust. Each and every one. [ not to say any existent mistakes won’t be all on me, of course–they are, and will be–just that there’ll be a lot less, now ]. anyway, aside from editors and agents and publicity-folk and Will Clark and Jason Starr (heroic & kind last-minute blurbers), and my brother and this one other guy, I guess, and this one girl too, and that first other guy’s wife, maybe, Rob’s the only person to have read all of Demon Theory. And, yeah, that sentence turned a lot more imparticular than I meant for it too. When what I really meant again was just thanks.

Can’t wait to see the thing.

Author: SGJ