Wolfen at the Alamo

Was so cool A) to get to intro it, and B) to get to SEE it on the big screen. I mean, was cool just even seeing it on the wall (I’m like Cher in Colorado, yes: just one name):


[ That snap’s by Christopher Rosales ]

And, yeah, that poster: I guess I see what people are talking about—that Attack the Block owes more than a little to Wolfen.

As for why this was also cool: the werewolves in Mongrels, they’re modeled on the wolfen. The Wolfen may have been the first horror nove…

My First Reading, ca. 1993/1994

Digging through some old boxes, stumbled onto this little pamphlet. Way I remember my first reading, it was for this story “West Texas Dirt” I’d won an award for, in 1994, the last year of my undergrad work at Texas Tech. I guess I must have done this one too, though—with a friend I’d go onto MA-land with, Ashley.

img_2496 fullsizerender-2

Bill Wenthe was the real draw, of course. As he should have been, and still is. Dude writes some solid poetry.

Also, I was so sure that that “…

13th Night

Was a good signing line for this last night. It’ll forever be my first comic book signing line, too. And this’ll forever be my . . . first published comic project, I guess (“Werewolves on the Moon,” a chapter of Mongrels adapted to a ten-page comic, is coming out in an anthology at some point, but it was turned in better than a year ago, I think).


Anyway, the specs on this: the First Folio‘s on tour, and its only Colorado stop is here at CU Boulder. So t…

The Stanley

One of the cooler group-photos I’ll ever get to have been in, I suspect, since, I mean, it’s too late for me to photobomb The Right Stuff or Reservoir Dogs, or sneak into that hot tub with Steve McQueen, or jump off the roof behind Joan Didion’s Vette:


And, for reference, here’s the original:


So cool that Pablo Kiolseth remembered the right way to hold his hands at the front of the shot. Though, had I been actually thinking ahead, I’d have had my Ze

Last Couple of Mongrels Events

Really, I think I have a stash of pics from another Mongrels thing, but now I can’t remember where. But I know I have these two anyway, as they’re from the last couple days.

First was up in Fort Collins, with HEX-author Thomas Olde Heuvelt. And, Olde’s not a middle name, that’s just the first part of his last name. He’s a cool dude, smart guy, excellent horror writer.


We talked about where horror comes from, the kind of genesis for/of each of our bo

Mongrels: the Texas Leg

This is from Murder by the Book—which shuttered up as soon as I was done, as the rain was coming down, and Houston’s understandably pretty water-shy this summer, and where we were was evidently a place that goes lake just when the humidity gets high enough.


That’s the with-specs shot. Here’s the without,where I suspect I’m, for reasons not really know, explaining Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle to the tolerant audience:


And yes, that’

Boulder Bookstore

Always dig being there. I mean, I know so many people there, it’s a lot like coming home. And—should have taken a picture—always cool to see my older books faced-out on the shelves, of course:


Anyway—remember how, in DC, I had the kind of maximum amount of knife-drama, getting into the building? For this book event, that is, the book event RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD FROM MY HOUSE, well: there was some truck drama:


And, actually, that’s from a couple of weeks ago, when …