Tattered Cover with Richard Kadrey

Remember how in Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home” video, there’s all these slow-motion, black and white scenes from before and after and during the concert, the tour, this life on the road? That’s what Billy Stratton’s snapshot of Richard and Kadrey last night at Tattered Cover reminds me of:


What’s especially cool about that? For once I actually even pulled my OWN phone out, and snapped a picture of the audience, for the exact r…

Library of Congress

Who’d have ever though a farmboy Indian from West Texas would get to launch a werewolf novel at the Library of Congress?


[most of these pics are courtesy Deborah Miranda]

I know I can smile better than that, too. But what you gonna do.

Anyway, don’t let me fool you into thinking it was only me:


[ Deborah Miranda, Linda LeGarde Grover, and Eric Gansworth]

Was a supercool time. Even got to hang with my editor, who acquired Mongrels:


Kelly O’Connor, now at Orbi

Werewolves in the ABQ

Do people say that, “IN” the ABQ, the same way people will identify with a certain area code? Really, I kind of doubt I’m the proper age to try it out, even if it is a thing. But the three-digit rhythm feels right, anyway. As did Mongrels at Bookworks:

bkworks sign

And, what was cool? They broke out ALL the yellow books:

yellow wolves

What else was cool was seeing an ex-student there (hey, Sarena!). And Lee Francis, to talk comic books long after the books were signed (I’ll be at his in

Mongrels at the Cocteau Theater

Good time last night at the Jean Cocteau theater in Santa Fe:


Here’s the write up of it at grrm.livejournal.

Was my first time to try Mongrels out on people out loud. Always scary, but always fun, too.

Also fun—pulling into town seeing this:



Also fun, getting to hang out with this cool guy again:

That drink, too? “Hair of the Dog,” special for Mongrels. In a — you guessed it: A Game of Thrones glass.

And? I may be back down here again before too long, for some more …

Mongrels Events

Six days out from going on the road a bit with Mongrels. Here’s the where and the whens, in order from first to last, with a couple extras at the end, extending into June. And, all the images, click them to go the place:

GRRM’s cool theater down in Santa Fe, this Saturday:



[ this one / above was originally May 10th, yes—had to reschedule. apologies for any difficulties or near-misses ]

Bookworks, down in Albuquerque

Library of Congress, Washington DC

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 3.38.33 PM


Al Jazeera Panel

Was live, and now it’s here. Good times, good panel, good hosting; we could have gone a couple hours I figure. And, we were all talking before things cued up, and I don’t think any of us are trying to pull JK Rowling down. I mean, all writers owe her for creating a whole generation of readers, yes? I know I was always there at midnight, waiting for the next Harry Potter, and I’ve kind of ceremoniously handed her books on to my kids. At the same time, though, in her &#…

Wi7 New Orleans 2012

This was my first bookseller’s con. Surely not my last, now that I know these kind of goings-on actually go on. It was completely different from the cons and festivals I usually hit, too. For one, nobody was dressed like Data, or Boba Fett, and there were no remote-control robot fights or Bat’leth instruction sessions or zombie defense demonstrations, and there was nobody in steampunk hats or goggles. The name tags, though, they were galaxies better. Not that I’…

Stoker Ceremony

will be streamed this Saturday night, here. I would say you’ll maybe see me on-stage, but, yeah. it’ll be one of the other nominees, I suspect. I’ll try to do a good Faith Hill close-up/reaction thing, though. also, I bought a tuxedo jacket the other day at Goodwill. now just to figure how to make it work with my White’s Boots.

stoker weekend