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Texas Tech Library’s got all my stuff as of about a year and a half ago. Looks to be catalogued, now:
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The Only Good Indians

Ten years ago outside Browning, Montana, four Blackfeet shot some elk, and then went on with their lives. It happens every year, it’s been happening forever, it’s the way it’s always been. But this time it’s different.

Ten years after that fateful hunt, these men are being stalked, are being hunted themselves. By who? By . . . what? And why?

Some hunting expeditions, they’re never really over.

This one’s just beginning.


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Captain, My Captain

I’ve always been torn about who my favorite Star Trek captain might be—like Weird Al says, it’s a hard decision:

impossible to decide

But now, with this, I don’t know, there’s another contender:

As you can tell from my recent swing through Texas, ketchup only is the way to go (didn’t really want the cheese, but he kept asking, so I got a single slice):

and it was good, that single slice, sure. dude was right
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New Truck

Well, not NEW-new—never had that kind—but new-to-me. And, too, the newest I’ve ever had. Before this, 1988 was as close to the present as I’d ever come with a truck. I tend to land in the late sixties, early seventies. But I recently sold all those old ones, had to face the fact that I now live in town, not on my own land, where I can park stuff wherever, let it start its good and necessary rust cycle.

So, anyway, there I was for a few months, no truck for the first time in my WH…

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SGJ Society

Two words I don’t usually put together, true. More used to seeing my name plus “Come to the office” or “All you can eat” or, with impolitely unsubdued laughter, “Security deposit?” Nevertheless, this is a real live thing:

Interview in there, updates, how-to, who-to, where-to, all kinds of stuff. Very cool. Who’d have ever thought, right?

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Soon to be 47

Every time I go to stand up or lift something and I feel all creaky and broken, I think back to all this, and remember how much I prefer groany creaks and leftover breaks to stitches and recovery and PT:

I keep these handy/on my phone, so that I won’t get lured into a pickup game of ball, or a hackysack circle—What can go wrong, right?—and so I won’t lift furniture or jump off this ledge because i…

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Best of 2018 so far—the October roundup

Late late late. I feel like the white rabbit. My excuse? Wrapping a big project, putting all my words there. But, c’mon, dude, this isn’t even words, this is just pictures:

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13th Night

13th Night centers around a colorful cast of college-aged characters visiting the First Folio on its tour to the University of Colorado Boulder. They get swept up into a mysterious and magical force that is wreaking havoc on the order, purpose, and sense of Shakespeare’s work. With their own lives in various degrees of peril, the youthful entourage calls on their knowledge of the Bard to set things right and preserve the First Folio so all may continue to enjoy it. Embe…

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Old Dreams I Still Have

Living and dying by Magnum PI growing up, I of course fell head over heels for this color scheme:

However, helicopters being far from any reality I knew, and trucks being ALL of my reality, I of course, then, wanted a truck with that color scheme, as Ford was doing in the late seventies:

Is that not baddest truck? Well, except for this one, which I think is a modified version of that—different wheels and tires, the color scheme kind of made louder:

Anyway, yes, I still do dream about t…

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