“Texas Writers on Texas Writing”

This was a panel from the AWP conference. Think the stardate was 9 March, 2006, about 1:30 in the breathless afternoon. A big room with these draping chandeliers, and some ice cold water in metal pitchers (and, luckily for my whispering self, a mic). The write-up of the panel, from the schedule-thing:

Where Genre and Non-genre Meet: Texas Writers on Texas Writing. Just because you’re from Texas doesn’t mean you write Westerns. Contemporary writers of horror, mystery, science fiction, and other genre and genre-inspired literature talk about the influence of Texas on their work, the effects of place and culture, redefinitions of ‘Texas’ on writing, the space between genre and nongenre literature, and how from Robert E. Howard, father of Sword & Sorcery, to the present, the wide Texas landscape has inspired more than stories of cowboys and cattle herds

The moderator was Jerome Stueart, and the other three panelists:

no clue why Lansdales not in this one

[ no clue why Lansdale’s not in that pic ]

The file’s a *.wmv, about 50MBs; it should stream, but who knows. As for the camera-manner: like with the other AWP recording, thirstygerbil. gringo was there too, sneaking in back, dragging a suitcase.

Anyway, to start the buffering, click here. And, though I’ve yet to watch it, I’d guess this’ll be less blurry if you reduce it to 240 x 300 or so (that other AWP recording’s the same size, but only 10mins or so, so the resolution’s a bit better, I suspect).

[ and yeah, sometime here I’ll look into just embedding a media player in this page or something. as-is, however, I’ve got a lot to read, more to write, and I’m almost healed enough to be back on the basketball court… ]

Author: SGJ