Which, before I get into it, let me say: I’m the last dude who should ever do a how-to on anything, except maybe writing a novel or a story. But maybe not even that. However, got one of those 3/4 scale 1-Up Galaga machines for Christmas, and of course love love love it. However? I’m six-plus feet tall, so this of course doesn’t quite work:

( basketball artfully included for size comparison )

Anyway, a quick search of YouTube showed there’s plenty of heigh

The “Though it hasn’t yet posted a profit” part is maybe the best, here, though “electronic mail” and “cellular phone” are pretty fun too:


Crazy, too, remembering how revolutionary this was, once upon a time. The world was changing with each word he said, yes?

( this is good to watch just to know how to present, too )

Too, of course, Bowie saw it all coming:

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