Blood Quantum

It’s so jacked up. It’s also—”it” being my tribe’s retention of it—why Mapping the Interior and its kind-of follow-up (to come) never once say “Blackfeet”: because of current policy, I don’t think it’s a big enough term. Anyway, Robert traces through it in a compelling way here, once you click through:

I, along with my cousins and other Blackfeet, tried to get blood quantum eliminated from our tribal constitution… we failed. We, as in the entire tribe.

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Recent stuff

I used to be better about doing this—collecting snapshots from the last couple weeks or so, stacking them in a post—but I somehow let that drift away. So, maybe this’ll be me starting that up again? Who knows. Anyway, DCC would be in here, but I had to ghost out of all my panels last-minute, as I was already scheduled to be at Juniper Writing Institute (double-booking: my fault). But, before that, I was at UCR-PD‘s MFA graduation ceremony, both watching a couple of my thesis students walk that stage and warming that stage up with a commencement address:

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Back cover copy redux

RA for All Contact Info

Though, I’m not super sure that’s an exact-proper use of ‘redux.’ Anyway, if you click the pic, or the link below, you can then click a link in that cool post—it’s star librarian and horror champion Becky Spratford—and then click BACK to here. It’ll make sense once you see:

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Shifting that Center, Man

Got to do it. Cool to see Mongrels in the mix:

Shifting the Centre of Genre

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Werewolves on the Moon

Not talking about the piece I have coming out in Sovereign Traces, but this grab from Werewolves on the Moon versus Vampires, which is about six different kinds of fun, and just really excellently done:

As for why I snabbed that: just still, and probably always, clocking all pre-Mongrels uses of “mongrel” in werewolf stuff. First place I saw it was George RR Martin’s The Skin Trade. It may be somewhere in Avatar’s Ferals, too. Anyway, obviously I don’t have this very centralized. But maybe someday . . .

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New story up

over at the cool new Automata. Wrote it after reading Donald Barthelme’s old story about the Joker. Also, shhh. Nobody tell DC.

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Four months till Halloween

new (tmp) theme

Crosby Designs New Website Coming Soon! | Crosby Designs

something in the old theme was looping, chewing up all the memory, and it was also defaulting to the mobile version for desktop. so: new look, for a bit. just picked something simple (and not mobile friendly, alas), as I can’t mess with it at the moment. but, hopefully, maybe:

And, that new header-img, it’s a crop from a Theo Van Alst snapshot, I think. Dude knows his way around a lens.

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NPR Horror Poll