Just Plain Old Supercool

You know that old Who song “Squeeze Box” — Momma’s Got a Squeeze Box / Daddy Never Sleeps at Night? Pretty sure it would apply nearly* perfectly to me, if I had this contraption:

* why ‘nearly’? I kind of halfway suspect there might be some sexual connoting going on in those lyrics, that I don’t think would apply to me and this contraption. but who knows. or: Who** knows . . .

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Mapping the Interior is live

Kind of swamped here in Massachusetts this week (literally: it’s the kind of humid here that’s like a sauna), haven’t had time to proper announce that today’s the day, but: today’s the day. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve seen so far:

Which is from the Tor.com offices, I think—just search “Mapping the Interior” in birdland for more like this. But actual words, too:

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