Surely, if the world’s at all a fair and just place. Which? Mandy‘s already somehow not playing close enough for me to get to, so who knows. But, here’s three that I’m pretty much holding my breath for right now:

(looks to maybe have a reveal along the line of Last Girl Standing, which would be fun. anyway, last good gas station horror for me would be . . . Splinter, I guess)
( I know Heathers gets used too often as a comp title, but still: maybe fits, this time

Was listening to a podcast interview . . . I think maybe it was Mick Garris’s? Maybe? Anyway, the guy being interviewed said that when he was a kid and knew a scary part of the movie was coming, he wouldn’t cover his eyes, he’d cover his ears. Makes a lot of sense, especially hearing all this at once:

Doesn’t feel like it. To me these stories are stil churning in my head. Thanks, Richard. 

It was fun while it lasted, right? I remember being somewhere with Josh Viola, and he asked had I heard about this cool “MoviePass” service. I hadn’t, but twenty minutes later I had the app, and the card was en route. It was a nice few months. In California, staying at a hotel across from a cineplex for a few days, I saw a movie on my MoviePass card every single night, almost (long stay). Stuff I wasn’t even interested in, but that would nearly have to be bett…

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