Werewolf short(s)

Not the kind Jacob and his pack wore for Twilight, and not the kind some certain wolfling was carving into bathroom stalls all over the southeast. I’m talking the fiction kind. This one puts me in mind of Peter S. Beagle’s “Lila the Werewolf,” or that one story of mine from forever ago, “Old Meat“):


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Fright Night 85

For my money, Evil Ed in wolf-form, stabbed and fallen and crawling across the floor, is still one of the creepiest ever effects (at 50sec)

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Denver Comic Con 2017

I remember, roundabout . . . 2009, 2010? sitting in the back room of a comic book shop with a lot of the people who would go on to make DCC, and we were talking about what if we did something, some event, do we think anybody would come? Turns out, 115K people will, yep. So glad DCC’s making it and making it well. Also? This doesn’t mean DINK Con doesn’t rock as well. They’re both excellent. And StarFest and MileHiCon too.

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Just Plain Old Supercool

You know that old Who song “Squeeze Box” — Momma’s Got a Squeeze Box / Daddy Never Sleeps at Night? Pretty sure it would apply nearly* perfectly to me, if I had this contraption:

* why ‘nearly’? I kind of halfway suspect there might be some sexual connoting going on in those lyrics, that I don’t think would apply to me and this contraption. but who knows. or: Who** knows . . .

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