Couple of Kind Reviews, and an Article

You can maybe tell which book this one’s on, over at Unnerving:  

And then here’s a twofer over at Transmotion, for which Theo Van Alst and Billy J. Stratton actually deserve the credit:

Speaking of them/Transmotion, this is in that same issue: “Consuming, Incarcerating, and “Transmoting” Misery: Border Practice in Vizenor’s Bearheart and Jones’s The Fast Red Road“.

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Comic book cameo for Mongrels

Check it out:

So cool. I mean, I know: my critical faculties are supposed to be rendered helpless from the surprise of seeing the yellow book drawn like this, but? That’s not why I like this comic book. Why I like this comic book is that it’s good comic-booking. Pablo D’Stair knows the medium, knows the mode, and, even better—even rarer—the dude can draw. I knew he could write, and I suspect he can do about eighty other things as well (if our minds are hamsters on wheels, then Pablo has more hamsters than any of us), but the cartooning in here is extraordinary, it’s inked to show off the linework, the balloons and lettering are all perfect, and, more important, the grammar and syntax of the comic book page are all in place, working behind the scenes/panels to make this a seamless, clean reading experience.

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Twisted Sister & Alice Cooper & Tom Savini & Bobcat Goldthwait?

I know, I know: this ever really HAPPENED? Apparently so. This isn’t some Mandela Effect thing, and we’re nowhere near April. Not sure how I never knew about this, but glad I do know. And, yeah, the song here’s maybe a little guitar-shy, but still, the video’s nothing but fun:

I found it in this excellent little write-up:

Banned Twisted Sister/Alice Cooper Video from 1985 Featured Zombie FX by Tom Savini

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File under: Costumes I Need

This is probably only funny if you grew up watching Perfect Strangers—”Perfect Stranger Things” feels like a Jeopardy! question to a mashup answer—but never mind all that. What matters here? This costume. I wonder how that face petals opens like that? Animatronic? Air? I mean, the spindly fingers are useless, but so what. And I dig the platform shoes/feet. I want to be this for Halloween, please:

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Words per minute

I dream of a word processor that throws a little a WPM gauge up in the right corner, so I can keep a close eye for when I’m backing off the throttle more than I should. Way back, when instant-messaging first came around? I used to write chat scripts to talk to different hardly-remote people, and we’d testrun it, use the chat to IM, all that. What I found out pretty quick with that was that I never cared for the content of our back and forth. What mattered to me was winning the race: getting my reply jammed in faster than the person on the other end could even read it. And have it be proper and right, of course. In short, I wasn’t good to chat with, since it was never about the discussion, always about the speed.

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