Encino Man Cometh

Every time I see this, I get excited all over. Because? If a wooly rhino can be frozen in a frozen place for 39,000 years, then . . . so could a Denosivan. I mean, maybe a Neanderthal too, but Denosivans were in the more tundra-ey places, so I think they’re the better bet.

In June 2007 this remarkably well-preserved woolly rhinoceros carcass was discovered frozen by gold miners in eastern Siberia. It is 39,000 years old. This was the first discovery of an entire woolly rhino preserved in permafrost. Find out more https://t.co/06QP56iDFR pic.twitter.com/ZnimckIM4F

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Thanos #spoiler

He’s Adrian Veidt with a cosmic version of the Redeker Plan, yeah? It’s a good build for a bad guy. I miss his old “I want to kill half the universe as a gift for Death, whom I love love love”-angle from the comics, but I think this version plays better. Or, it doesn’t have a self-destruct button built in.

Also, wonder if Deadpool will say anything about Brolin being both Thanos and Cable? Or, how can he not?

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