Okay, this is probably A) expensive, B) delicate (maybe?), and C) something that requires long-ish nails-as-canvas in the first place, but still, this is glorious enough and glamorous enough and wonderful cool amazing enough that that might all be worth it:

maybe there’s press-on versions I can use instead?

Just, cleaning up my laptop and found this/below stashed in a tmp directory. It’s echo-ey, sounds like I’m on a stage, maybe? File’s called “GT,” if that means anything. Anyway, what it looks to be: somebody asking me questions about being Blackfeet, writing horror. Or . . . it’s the Q&A from the audience, after a panel, maybe? It’s dated 4 August 2017, which means it’s not later than that, anyway. But it’s anyt…

October was packed full of good times. I don’t think this is all of them, but it’s all of them I can dig up goods for—or, that I can remember to dig up pics and links for.

Started out giving a zombie lecture to an auditorium of people at CU:

zombie shots: Teresa Nugent

Then I was at the Lighthouse in Denver for Atlas Obscura’s way-cool, properly spooked-up event:

pic: Josh Schlossberg

Then it was GoH’ing at MileHiCon, where I got to give a little mini-tal…

Mike Flanagan’s Netflix series, I mean, not Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel*—though? I do kind of wonder if a whole generation will find a re-issue of The Haunting of Hill House, maybe even with a cover from this television series, and consider it this weird old-timey novelization that doesn’t have Theo being a sister, that puts Hugh Crain way in the past instead of at the head of the current family, all that. I mean, the rain of stones will remain, the novel&…

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