Just re-re-watched this one, and, wow, holy everything, Batman, this is STILL my favorite horror movie of the year. By miles. Really? It’s the best slasher I can think of since . . . Happy Death Day, yeah. Which was far and away the best since . . . You’re Next, maybe? And before that it’d be The Cabin in the Woods

What it gets so, so right:

  • actually IMPORTANT people die
  • the final girl isn’t bookish and morally bulletproof. she’s just

This is as solid a piece of film writing that I’ve seen for a while. Solid stuff. And, I imagine it’s on point? That its analysis and sort-of conclusions are spot-on-ish? I haven’t seen the film, I mean. Don’t think I’ve seen any Lars Von Trier, actually. People always tell me Anthichrist can kind of reprogram you, show you stuff you can’t shake for forever, but . . . guess that’s not completely an enticement for me, finally. I kind o…

Not sure why, but I’ve been stashing these as I stumble onto them. Will add more as I find them, probably. They’re kind of cool. The Darnielle is more like the actual iridescent tape from a VHS, but still, it’s kind of on the same shelf:

And, guess this is kind of the same? Taking a streaming show, ripping it from DVD, transferring to VHS, then rigging together a make-do cover for it? Anyway, cool. Found it here (if there’s a better way to link Imgur, which I

Remember when Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. died, and, the picture on his site was just that birdcage he’d doodled, open and empty? Broke my heart and fixed it with a single image. Same here:

I just wrote a haunted house novel that used a SpongeBob episode kind of as touchstone. SpongeBob, man, he’s deep in my DNA, somehow. …

By category, sub-genre, branch, type—whatever’s under “Horror” and’s on the movie shelf, and not getting too granular. But, “15,” right? I know. I tried to keep it to a properly spooky “13,” but things happen. Though, if you take #11 and #15 out (which would shatter me), as they’re not really ‘categories’—”Scariest,” “Perfect”—then this does slide in more like …

Mike Flanagan’s Netflix series, I mean, not Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel*—though? I do kind of wonder if a whole generation will find a re-issue of The Haunting of Hill House, maybe even with a cover from this television series, and consider it this weird old-timey novelization that doesn’t have Theo being a sister, that puts Hugh Crain way in the past instead of at the head of the current family, all that. I mean, the rain of stones will remain, the novel&…

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