Not the order to watch them in—chronological makes sense, there’s no skip ‘n pick Heather trilogy here—but from best on down, for me:

Scream 3 Poster Design Concepts

Which I guess would be “Kevin Williamson order,” kind of? He is the one with the magic pen for this franchise. Anyway, when Scre4m came out, I wasn’t so hot on it, as I recall. Few rewatches later and I’m a believer. And I don’t mean to talk bad about 3, of course; Ehren Kr…

Started the week out talking to Billy Stratton’s Native American Lit course (st DU) about Mongrels for . . . I guess it was nearly two hours. Two very cool hours, that I wish had been four:

( was possibly showing off the Turkish edition, yeah. both shots via Billy Stratton )

That class had some solid questions.

Then it was off to Baton Rouge (where I still am), to deliver a keynote, “Why Horror,” for the Graphic Carnival conference at LSU, and do a goodlong Q&…

( looks like a Steely Dan medallion-thing but: that’s the Silver Bullet, man )

The culmination of many years of wishing, for me. Seems it was about a year and a half, maybe two years ago that I was on the road somewhere and happened to actually READ one of my junk emails, which turned out to be about coming concerts in Denver, and: Bob Seger was coming to town. I was buying tix a few minutes later—and paying more for them than I’ve paid for some trucks I’ve own…

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