Honored to be on the back of Laird’s envelope with these talented, hard-working writers:

Kelly Link; Brian Evenson; Victor LaValle; Nathan Ballingrud; Stephen Graham Jones; Aimee Bender; John Langan; Donald Ray Pollack; Dan Chaon; Livia Llewellyn.
If I were scribbling a back-of-the envelope North Armerican All-Star list of living writers, this would be today’s list

— Laird Barron (@LairdBarron) February 7, 2018

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100 Story Collections @Bookriot

Honored to be included. And, especially cool to get to hang with people and books I know. I’ve been on panels with so many of these fine folk—that makes it sound like I’m talking about elves—and . . . I did my doctoral work with one, I guess. Rode elevators and had meals with others. Fictionland, man: it’s not as big as I always think.

And, as for that question at the end of books I might have included (apologies if they’re there and I somehow scrolled past them), which I just had to amend when I remembered this was supposed to be post-2000 (which is to say, had to lose Mark Richard and Lee K Abbot and Terry Bisson):

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This is some cool stuff. And, I can see it being used as kind-of support for what I keep hearing: that we sapiens-types evolved not in a single push from heidelbergensis or so, but in both Africa and Asia from erectus. Just, as with these spiders, we ended up so much the same that we then mingled up and became what we are today. Really? I do think we found ourselves in Asia when we came up out of Africa, but I kind of doubt we’d evolved to be that similar—though, yes, with primates, if two lineages share a common ancestor  within the last couple million years, they can mate and produce fertile offspring. So, I mean, yeah, Peking Man, Java Man, they were of course there. And it’s kind of hard to argue they weren’t somewhere in the mix that’s now us. Just, they’re maybe a step before the Denisovans, I’m thinking (which are now, like Neanderthals, in us, as we’re very Borg: we assimilate).

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Jaipur Literary Fest vids from the fall

Which I’m just now figuring out exist. This first one’s “On Cultural Appropriation,” with Anne Hillerman, Jovan Mays, Saikat Majumdar, and Yassmin Abdel-Mageid,  Laird Hunt moderating:

And this one’s “Ancestral Cultures: Legacy of the First Nations,” with Crisosto Apache, Erika Wurth, and Janice Gould, Margaret Coel modding:

Just became aware of these thanks to Bret Smith posting this clip on Facebook:

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