Thanos #spoiler

He’s Adrian Veidt with a cosmic version of the Redeker Plan, yeah? It’s a good build for a bad guy. I miss his old “I want to kill half the universe as a gift for Death, whom I love love love”-angle from the comics, but I think this version plays better. Or, it doesn’t have a self-destruct button built in.

Also, wonder if Deadpool will say anything about Brolin being both Thanos and Cable? Or, how can he not?

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not sure how to embed the thread, so here’s the top one anyway, which leads to the rest:

I wanna talk about ~historical accuracy in worldbuilding for a bit, particularly in secondary world fantasy. Because it’s something that’s come up in discussions w/ friends lately and it won’t let my mind go. So. A mini-thread!

— ⒿⓎ ⓎⒶⓃⒼ 🌈🐋 杨雅珺 (@halleluyang) April 29, 2018

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Oh yeah: I’m not on Facebook anymore

Guess the body of this post is pretty much in the subject line up there.

Maybe again someday? Who knows. Just deactivated, didn’t delete. Wanted to see what the other side is like. But I’m still in birdland, should anybody need me.

And I’m on Litsy as well, having fun.

Not on Instagram, though. Reason? I never think of taking pictures. Jealous of an impressed by all the people who do and can, though. Or, maybe I should say, the only things I ever think to snap a pic of, which maybe explains why I’m not an Instagrammer, are:

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