This was bouncing around Twitter recently: your favorite horror from the last ten years. Easy decisions, all:

But, in getting this list together, I of course ended up with all these remainders, which feel a lot more vital than remaindery:

Wonder what I’m forgetting. I mean what I love love LOVE and can’t do without but am also somehow not coming up with right now. Well, will sneak back in, post it, maybe.…

Both excellent. First is The Last Final Girl, part of a slasher Night Worms package:

Next is a Mongrels book group happening over at Goodreads:


Not going to say I cut my teeth on this story, quite. What I cut my teeth on, short-fiction-wise, would be Ellen Datlow’s selections for OMNI, way back when. Those stories didn’t just sustain me, they molded me. Recently, when OMNI started all over again, I was maybe going to be in issue #2, even, which would have so wonderfully full-circle. But then, like all good things (he said cynically), it fell apart. Anyway, no, I didn’t cut my teeth on John Updike̵…

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