The Films of October

Cannot cannot cannot WAIT for these two:

[ here‘s Adam Cesare talking about Tragedy Girls ]

As for stuff I’ll likely rewatch this month, just because they’re great and I’m in the mood:

But there’ll be a lot more midst and among these, of course. Which very likely includes It again.

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My Boulder Eating Guide

Best chicken strips in town, and also ever: Dark Horse Bar and Grill. I don’t know what they do to the outside of them, the skin, the batter, but it’s perfect.

Best fish and chips in town, and, I’m pretty sure, also ever: Backcountry Pizza. The fish here is somehow very heavy and dense. There’s only two of them per order, I think. But it’s enough.

Best burger: not in Boulder, I don’t think, but in Denver, at Alamo Draft House. Their Green Chile burger is amazing, and, unlike nearly everywhere else I go, Alamo will cook it all the way through, even get it a little black.

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