Werewolves Out in the World, Part XXV

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

I plan on never getting tired of using that transition.

Anyway, before getting to all the many and perfect and wonderful pics and words about the yellow book, here’s all-what came before:

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This bounced to me through one of my brothers, who has a friend, who—get this—goes to Milwaukee sometimes, and sees cool stuff like:

While other friends of (my) friends are often cruising the Union Square B&N:

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Werewolves Out in the World, Part XXIV

Wow. Haven’t done this for a couple weeks now, I guess, meaning? I have WAY too many of these for a mere & measly (does that word come from “measley,” as in, ‘one who has the measles?’) single post. So I’ve tried to eyeball what might be the middle-ish, and snipped it off, pushed it forward to what’s going to be part 25, if numbers and sequence and progression don’t fall apart between now and then. Which is completely possible. Could be some, um, person is signing an executive order regarding that right now, even . . .  

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The Horror (office)

Just noticing that the old pano of my office at Cutbank, it’s out of date—I’ve gone standing-desk. But there’s some Q&A there, still, that’s not here.

Anyway, to update, with TWO panoramics, as I can’t seem to spin slow/fast enough to do it with just one:

Yeah, I think I suck at keeping the phone at the same level/height. So it goes.

But that’s me standing over in the middle. Here’s what I usually see, rice bars and basketballs and Chris Ware and all:

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