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What I’ve Learned from Horror, &etc

or, more particularly, from DEAD SILENCE: going to the Guignol ‘doll’ Theater on Lost Lake in a town called Raven’s Fain when there’s a killer on the loose who eats living tongues is pretty much just asking for trouble. This isn’t to say DEAD SILENCE isn’t pretty surprisingly good either, though. I’m not really one for doll-movies — they all kind of smack of Chucky, and I was tired of him instantly (though, just because I&#…

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Ledfeather stats

Just yesterday finished that Ledfeather novel I’ve been writing all the long way since January, and am two weeks late with already, or, ‘late,’ anyway, maybe even with double quotes there, and anyway, yeah, I love the hell out of it, can’t imagine I was even able to trap the thing on paper, but, too, like with The Bird is Gone, it kind of skewered my brain, but none of that’s even what I mean to be saying here.

What I mean to be saying is that I thought I…

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Pirate Radio

A few years ago one of my publishers was cool enough to send me up some forever elevator in New York to get a full day of some much-needed media training. Just in case. It was excellent, too; got to watch myself on a big screen over and over and over, and have every stupid thing I kept doing pointed out, the idea being of course that once I’d said, Yeah, that’s pretty ridiculous, obviously, c’mon, that maybe it’d click that I should stop doing that. I’…

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Looking for Sheriff Lobo

In Georgia, I mean, where I just was (GC&SU) to do a reading and meet many cool people. All kinds of fun (no recordings or pics that I know of, though); they have really old buildings there. I think some of them are Roman, even. And, Lobo — he was out of Georgia, right? I seem to remember the opening credits showing downtown Atlanta. Anyway, I miss him. It was only a thirty-minute show, as I recall, not a full hour like the Dukes got, but still, I mean, BJ & the Bear? You c…

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My Prose Comb

Was poring through some story or novel the other day, to submit it, and realized, now that the story was more or less in place, at least until somebody else jammed their hands into it, that all I was looking at were the words, the sentences. Which is nice, yeah, makes a piece feel ‘done.’ Like Carver’s supposed to have said, he knew it was time to step away from a piece when all he was doing anymore was changing commas (but yeah, look at the differences in his “…

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In my movie, should anybody ever let me make one:

  • if anybody’s carrying a bag of groceries, it won’t have French bread in it
  • nobody will flick playing cards into and around a trashcan or hat
  • if the characters need to hack into somebody’s computer, the password will be unguessable
  • if there’s some big and final showdown on a boat, then it won’t be finally decided with a flare gun
  • if somebody cuts their wrists in the bathtub, there won’t be a lit candle there
  • if there’s a detective of a
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bat segundo

[ or, just ]

Too, that “monkey torture” — thanks to Carolyn for suggesting YouTube — it’s (t)here. And, talking Lindsay Ballard — this is kind of from the podcast — that alien race, they’re the Kobali, of course, from the “Ashes to Ashes” episode of Star Trek Voyager. Which I know because I’m cool. As to why I love it, though, that’s complicated, but com…

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Stoker bid for “Raphael”

Just got word that that “Raphael” story from Cemetery Dance 55 has made the shortlist for a Stoker. Supercool.

Here’s the whole ballot. Some pretty steep competition, I’d say:

“Hallucigenia” by Laird Barron (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction)
“Graffiti” by Jason Brannon (Winds of Change)
“Winds of Change” by Jason Brannon (Winds of Change)
“The Ba

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Demon Theory at Litblog Co-op

All week. Guest bloggery, interview, discussion, podcast. Should be a good time. Click the banner to go to the place:

litblog co-op

Or, just go the main page here, to keep checking for updates.…

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Demon Theory Sneaks into the Shot

rob zombie in lubbock, tx


[ archived here in case it isn’t appearing above. ]…

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