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Zizek, Pynchon, etc

  • Excited that the Savoj Zizek DVD’s going to be available soon. He’s my PKD, since PKD went on extended hiatus. Click on the poster to get to the place
  • Check out the Frank Miller cover for Gravity’s Rainbow. Pretty excellent (thanks to Rob for the heads-up). Click here. (would paste it here, but don’t want to deny them their due clicks [hey, somebody just wrote, saying that link was bad, or giving them problems, all that, so I snagged the cover, stuffed i
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Demon Theory bannersneak

This is the first Demon Theory banner, anyway:

[ and no, no clue how to get that animation to restart–‘refresh’ doesn’t seem to do it. anybody know how? ]

If you make any more, just stuff them somewhere over at the Velvet, or link me to them through the comments here, or what-/however.…

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Bleed Award

I’d guess this is either posted around somewhere or is about to be, but, anyway, this past weekend I was in Austin, at the Texas Institute of Letters awards banquet, where Bleed Into Me was lucky enough to pull their Jesse Jones Award for fiction. A serious honor.

Anyway, if there’s any recordings of the event, I don’t know about it. I do have this one snapshot from it (well, I also came away with a check…). More important, though, the intro CW Smith gave f…

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Workshop at the Cult

As some of you may have noticed, come the end of May, I’m doing a fiction workshop over at The Cult. Should be a ball. The theme or focus of push of the workshop’s likely going to have something to do with stories that don’t bore me. Which is to say stories that trade in extremes rather than subtleties. But yeah, that do so with language clear and precise and evocative. Anyway, more later I’m sure. Click on the Cult image here to go their post about it.

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Demon Theory swag

  • or, it’s swag to me, anyway–a gift from the blue. specifically, from Noose, over at the Velvet (Noose of course being the guy who authored the original site this site still owes a lot of its code to). A very cool little animated gif and a whole suite of images. Spooky, I mean. Over to the right here (got to wait a bit for it to do its thing)
  • too, another Demon Theory sample. the afterword. click here for it (it’s in FlashPaper). if anybody needs it in PDF, either for t
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Cemetery Dance stories

Another one coming out there, one of my favorite stories of any I’ve ever written. so, to sum up the forthcoming Cemetery Dance stuff:

  • “Raphael,” in #55 (right about to be out–might be out exactly when DEMON THEORY is, really)
  • “Hell on the Homefront Too,” sometime later
  • “Father, Son, Holy Rabbit,” some other time.

very cool mag, and very cool press, too.…

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ATBS script

rigged this up in just under 14 days, I think, a while back. I’d just finished reading that graphic novel which I suddenly can’t get the full title of: Thirty Days of Night? vampires, Alaska. lots of brilliant writing. anyway, at the end of the trade pb–not even sure it ever came out single-issue–there’s a sample of the script, and I really like the idea of writing in panels. so rigged ATBS up that way. a much leaner version. as for why that ‘…

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Misnomer Interview

Hey, it’s up. Lots of talk about horror movies and all kinds of other stuff. Click on the image to go there:

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Penn State audio

this has something to do with football, yeah?All I knew about Pennsylvania before the last couple of days was what I’d read in Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon. It’s the place with those big pretty barns, though; I know that now. Anyway, touched down about four in the afternoon, after getting up at 3:30 to catch the plane out of Lubbock (only got to sleep a couple of hours before that, too). My old/first writing prof was waiting for me there. Hadn’t seen him for years, I guess. Anyway, I said this in some …

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Upcoming & Current

  • another story in Cemetery Dance. a zombie-piece. too, if you don’t subscribe to their newsletter, I’d recommend it. if you’re into horror, I mean. lots of the bargains/sales they’re always doing, then intervws and reviews and all that good stuff.
  • an interview on Misnomer. looking like it’ll post there tomorrow. was a blast to do, and hopefully I didn’t say anything too terrible.
  • too, the first review of DEMON THEORY‘s out, in
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