Good news, good news (wish I could say that in that wheezy, exuberant, already squinting because he’s about to be hit with a hat way Rosco P. Coltrane could). FC2‘s going to be publishing my novel Ledfeather. Couldn’t be happier. For me, it’s to Fast Red Road as Return of the Jedi was to Star Wars. not the most claro image, but that's his trademark expression, the one where you can hear the sound he's makingBut without the teddy bear picnic, of course. However, whereas with Fast I was really and consciously trying my best to undo the whole tradition of the novel, L

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Just a couple links

As opposed to a ‘couple-three’ links, yeah. Which I’ve really always loved saying, but hated hearing.

Anyway, was digging through about 22,000 emails, and unearthed a couple of links I’d meant to post in here, like this:

  • the illustration for that “Raphael” story. only one even half as cool’s the one Cemetery Dance (also) had done for that “Father, Son, Holy Rabbit”-one. but of course too I’m all romantica
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And flights of angels, all that

As part of my quest to not write any reviews, either book or movie, I submit this by way just of suggestion: William J. Cobb‘s Goodnight, Texas (Unbridled Books, who, going by this, man, they produce some seriously clean books. And pretty too. If I’m not mistaken, they even commissioned the painting for the cover here. A press to watch, I’d say. Them and Dzanc and Chiasmus).
goodnight, texas

As for what I can say about it: I’d already committed this week to reworking thi…

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The Violence of the Lambs

click here for some real happiness:

black sheep - the movie

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I Won’t Be Back : What T3 Could Have Been

Third installments of a franchise the audience is in love with are very difficult to pull off. Nobody says Alien3 or Return of the Jedi or the third Scream are their favorites of the series, right? Even Godfather III, as good as it might be, is overshadowed by the first two. Granted, by the third installment, the success of the original and its sequel have given this latest incarnation a serious budget to work with, and all the marketing is in place, and some of the principal actors …

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

It’s a bad/wonderful hole to fall in, but man, I need these, just to set them up with my Mulder & Scully action figures:

then of course I’ll just nab these too, and be in business:

and, man, all the patches I need, I don’t have near enough jeans to take them all. and I’ve got just a lot of jeans.…

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The Road, the Pulitzer

“In a great turnaround, upstart Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Road, billed as something of an homage to The Omega Man‘s Charlton Heston, whom McCarthy once did stunt-work for, but owing more probably to Walter Miller, Jr.’s A Canticle for Liebowitz, managed to steal the 2007 Pulitzer for fiction from — “

Okay, sorry. Just figured out that any book I put in there’s either going to be insulting that book or trying to pull down The Roa

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I’m no expert, but this seems pretty cool to me: a reading I did a month or so ago, all cut up into little flash bits, with an interview too. Click the pic below to hit it, or the arrow-thing to listen.



[ this is me listening to the intro, I think. or who knows what I’m doing ]

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Thanks for the ride, Kilgore

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr: no more. Gone. Maybe like Billy Pilgrim, though, he’s just rollercoasting back and forth through it all now. Laughing. Hope so, anyway.…

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Five Most Intense Reads

Which, I’m finding, aren’t at all the same as my five favorite books. Ridiculous, yes? Wish I had some fix for that, or at least an explanation, or suspicion. I mean, it’s kind of presupposing some major disconnect between intensity and . . . I don’t know: appreciation? Revisitability? Not some Pirsig-ish ‘quality,’ I don’t think. But who knows. Anyway, today, were I picking my five favorite-ever books, they’d look som…

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