Stoker bid for “Raphael”

Just got word that that “Raphael” story from Cemetery Dance 55 has made the shortlist for a Stoker. Supercool.

Here’s the whole ballot. Some pretty steep competition, I’d say:

“Hallucigenia” by Laird Barron (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction)
“Graffiti” by Jason Brannon (Winds of Change)
“Winds of Change” by Jason Brannon (Winds of Change)
“The Ba

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Demon Theory at Litblog Co-op

All week. Guest bloggery, interview, discussion, podcast. Should be a good time. Click the banner to go to the place:

litblog co-op

Or, just go the main page here, to keep checking for updates.…

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Demon Theory Sneaks into the Shot

rob zombie in lubbock, tx


[ archived here in case it isn’t appearing above. ]…

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What to do just right before you turn 35 :

  • First, and this is important, get Vince Liaguno, the guy who knows slashers so well that he managed to somehow trap one on the page in The Literary Six, to have written just a supercool Demon Theory review over at Unspeakable Horror, then, moments after that,
  • find out that Ellen Datlow, she who more than anybody else is probably responsible for you being a writer — her OMNI fiction being your first experience with fiction that was doing something, that was more than just wo
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The Glass Teat

Benson: only the good die young
Cheers: have a good life
“You oughtta know”: grammies
bball–23 sick and scoring 55 or whatever
challenger (jfk/towers)
rockford: 50 people tell you you’re drink, maybe you oughtta lie down
uncle jesse: only one way to go down a hill. STRAIGHT down.
tasha yar: going back
chrissy to jack: save air in elevator, one nostril

pop-up video: bob seger, Screentime
seeing myself on tv: scott, rabies

also: ROCKFORD wins best op…

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Forthcoming Stories

  • “Father, Son, Holy Rabbit” will be in Cemetery Dance 57, looks like — with an excellent/cool illustration ( then “Hell on the Homefront” in #58 )
  • “Code,” out in Grasslimbs before too long
  • “The Parable of the Gun,” in Clackamas Literary Review
  • “The Talk,” in the debut issue of Yellow Medicine Review
  • “The Sadness of Two People Meeting in a Bar,” Red Rock Review
  • and “Vanity of Open Sp
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Everytime I search Amazon, I always end up falling into this maze of lists, each opening to more and more. And I find some cool stuff in there, thought I’d take a stab at a couple myself.

And yeah, that Slasher 101 one really should be a ‘guide,’ but I clicked on making one of those and, man, they’re set up to let somebody write a real and true article. Which, for someone addicted to lists, isn’t nearly as fun. Granted, you d…

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After Lazarus

Man, turns out Only Revolutions, at 360 pages, was an easy read, yeah? I mean, as compared to three million pages. But it is Richard Grossman, so maybe three million pages is just the right amount [ see below ]. As some of y’all know, I’m always pushing that seventy-page sentence fragment from his The Book of Lazarus as maybe the most beautiful piece of prose in the English language (like I know any other languages — it just sounds ‘grand’ to quali…

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The other (first) Stephen Jones

Looks like Amazon has me having a hand in a couple of books I only wish I’d had a hand in:

[ apologies for the ‘see more’ junk on those images — no time right now to dig for clean images ]

Don’t guess I’ll be getting any checks for them, though. Anyway, just to clarify, this Stephen Jones, he’s pretty much an institution in the horror world, not just some hunger artist like me, trying to see over the fence. Really, he’s the reason I u…

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You might be a novelist if . . .

. . . you could never*say :

  • No, please, no — my book would make a terrible movie.
  • Actually, I never thought about if this book would outlive me or not.
  • Well, I mean, that book’s obviously better than mine. That’s the only reason it’s on the best seller list.
  • Of course I would only ever talk bad about a book I’ve read.
  • Man, if the reader doesn’t get it, that’s just all my fault.
  • Really, I think my publisher may have even spent too much on mar
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