Werewolves Out in the World, Part XXIII

To be filed under Things That Floor Me: that I’m still doing this, seven months later. I mean, that Mongrels is still getting passed around online like this. And? The trade’s out in . . . seventeen days now, I guess. With some cool post-scripty stuff at the end: essay/note _ reading guide fun.

Anyway, before getting to the pass-arounds, there’s all the pass-arounds that came before:

I propose that “eviler” is a completely real word:

Good to be in a stack with Josh, Paul, David, and Chloe—of them, Chloe is the only one I don’t know:

Even still got the Santa-receipt in it. Cool, thanks:

These books just killed a zebra:


And: first sighting of the trade out in the wilds. Of Australia:


Though, I should say: I’d be happy being the jester, too.


Always happy to be friggin:

Little-known hardly secret probably not just super interesting fact: at the Locus Awards, Nic and me got to sign at adjacent tables.


Another reminder that I need to dial this audiobook up . . .

 Love this handle: “Books, Wine, Repeat.”


I know, I know, I need to listen. Someday, someday:


Wow, so cool. Thanks:

I did actually kind of halfway think of a new chapter that could-have-been the other day (well, somebody else thought of it, sort of, but I jumped on it):




And, what an honor, to be a finalist alongside these amazing novels:

This Is Horror Awards 2016: Vote Now!


And, that wraps this installment. So much easier when I do it every week or two, instead of after a month of screencaps. Next up, I’m sure: Mongrels in paperback, padding into 2017 . . .


Author: SGJ