Werewolves Out in the World, Part XXVI

All good digests must need, finally, draw to a close. Not a sad close, though. Twenty six? I’d have never dreamed there’d be enough of these for twenty six.

And, if you’re starting here and have that desire to click through, here’s the previous twenty five:

And, let’s start with some decoder-ring fun (if I recall correctly, there was much more decoding in the comments that followed):


I agree with this “YAAAAAAS!”



Always proud to be part of any book haul:



Man, cool. Don’t even know what a #bookface hashtag is. But glad to be there:



Wonderful, thank you. I dig being part of a mail day:



Too, I’m there at the banquet:1



Cool, thank you, Josh:



Thank you. And, I dig all the parentheses around the handle. Kind of makes it look like a radio broadcast:




Thinking I may have signed Jim’s copy, too, in Los Angeles:



I’ve now got this on my device, thanks (and? I’ve been told the same thing about Vollman’s . . . The Rifle, I think it is, in relation to . . . either The Bird is Gone or Ledfeather, I think):


This means everything. Twice:


Foxes reading werewolves:

From a friend in Arizona land:


Yes, ticks and live birds. Yes: Craig Clevenger.


And one last one from Litsy land—or, from Hawaii, looks like:


And, here’s me, walking down from a book event at Boulder Bookstore—one I attended, for Neandertal Cafe—and seeing the yellow book, the new book, side by side. Too cool. 

And here’s a couple of closing shots for this series: Andry Crank’s South of Horror course at the University of Alabama.


Author: SGJ