Werewolves Out in the World, Part XXIV

Wow. Haven’t done this for a couple weeks now, I guess, meaning? I have WAY too many of these for a mere & measly (does that word come from “measley,” as in, ‘one who has the measles?’) single post. So I’ve tried to eyeball what might be the middle-ish, and snipped it off, pushed it forward to what’s going to be part 25, if numbers and sequence and progression don’t fall apart between now and then. Which is completely possible. Could be some, um, person is signing an executive order regarding that right now, even . . .  

First, though, the wayback machine, to see what-all’s happened before:

And here we go, starting off with two from the same cool reader:


Thank you, Joe:


This is actually ten stories I think kind of can serve as a foundation for the horror story, but maybe they’re each as deep as a single book:


And here’s that tpb happening:


Such a cool title. I need to be jumping on this grey book as well:



Hey, that’s New York Public Library, I figure. Very cool:



I so so so need to be reading Nick’s book:



First ever—thank you:



One of the cooler bookstores to be in:



And here’s a grainy zoom-in of that tag under Mongrels:



Great, thanks. And, way cool avatar:



Hey, I’ve walked through these offices:


And, cool to be in a list of January releases with Mr. Obama (I think Mongrels is . . . maybe around nine minutes?):


THIS is a bookstore I really-really need to do an event at, stat:



The tpb, padding into Litsy-land:



Still hanging out with Kadrey, just, this time, at one of the cooler bookstores around (with some of the coolest staff):



My Best Friend’s Exorcism is so, so good. I’ll be reading it many more times:



Not really sure what’s going on here, but I’m glad to be hanging out in this list:



That is supercool. Thank you:



Exactly! I WROTE it as non-fiction:

Hey, since we can’t see the knuckles, I’m going to pretend those two thumbs up are Infinity Gauntlet thumbs ups. Which are cosmic:



Thanks, Maria. This was one of the bits I so, so enjoyed getting down onto the page:



Such a cool event. Such a cool bookstore. Such excellent people.


And here’s one of those cool people:



I think in the next installment, here, there’s some more from this even showing up. Click here to go there.


Author: SGJ