Werewolves Out in the World, Part XXV

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

I plan on never getting tired of using that transition.

Anyway, before getting to all the many and perfect and wonderful pics and words about the yellow book, here’s all-what came before:

This bounced to me through one of my brothers, who has a friend, who—get this—goes to Milwaukee sometimes, and sees cool stuff like:


While other friends of (my) friends are often cruising the Union Square B&N:


And, Cutter’s new one is high, high, HIGH on my must-read list. I so dug The Troop and The Deep (and am so happy he’s not following the Bentley Little titling dictum):



Yes yes yes! I mean, my goal, most books, it’s to disturb a person’s sleep. But not this time around:



Proud to be on Paul’s shelves. And, as you can see, the discussion deteriorated quite quickly. Nay, immediately:



Yes. Yes yes yes (about Near Dark, I mean):



Also? Let’s do them tomorrow, and forevermore:



I guess this is a one-word title, yeah. Wonder how many of those I’ve done. My guess? Not many.



And this is me, at BookBar, snapping a pic, trying to get all the glare I can:



A more steady pic from BookBar:



Too? I figure Laird’s winning all the short story collection awards this year. As he always should. I can’t seem to recall what interview this is, either, or I’d link it here:




Here’s hoping TheLibrarian finished one or all and more:



Yep. This is a thing I’m doing, this summer:



Oh, this is three different kinds of cool, and all at once:



And I’m always so head over heels for Mongrels pics that involve dogs:



Oh, hey! TheLibrarian DID finish. Thank you thank you:



This is a certain un-named party perhaps manipulating the facing outness of the yellow book up in the northeast. Also, cool—right close to Adam:



This feels like an action shot, somehow:



And? As I understand, this is just a few of the students at this school digging into the yellow book. Evidently there’s eighty more:


I think that werewolf there is coughing that speech balloon out. Which is pretty excellent:



I can’t look at this too long:




Back to Litsy, for that giveaway:



And . . . back to Texas:



This one I shot yesterday, at B&N here in Boulder. See how there’s no book to the right? That’s because the wolf is guarding that space:


And, that’s—yes—twenty-five of these. Somehow. Magically. Amazingly.

I bet before the day’s over, more are stacking up, too.

Thanks, everybody. So glad the yellow book’s finding its people.

Author: SGJ